Who I am

An artist in taste,
a champion in the sea.

Lucio Stefani was born in 1956 in Veneto, land of Venetian people.

Thanks to his grandfather, he learnt the precious and secret techniques about typical high quality cheese ripening.
Thanks to his instinct, he discovered how to make a flavor into an excellent experience.

Venice is in his heart, the sea in his eyes and nothing can stop him. He has been the Italian and World Champion in motorboat since 2008. A passion that becomes success – www.scuderiaracingteam74.com

An artist in taste, a champion in the sea, an Italian citizen of the world, unique like the good Italian taste.

Venice, the capital of the land where I was born, live and work.
Venice, the sea, the world. Everyone who was born here learns immediately to look ahead.
Venice is precious like the Italian good taste and it is a pleasure to spread it throughout flavors.
Venice is unique like the Italian flavors that I chose and mark personally.
Outside Venice, everywhere, because the elegance of Italian taste has been surprising all the world.
In each taste you will rediscover a unique emotion, an unforgettable memory called Italy.


A suggestion in each taste,
a memory of Italy in each flavor.

Cheese signed Lucio Stefani

Tasting a cheese chosen by Lucio Stefani always means rediscovering a corner of Italy. Every day Lucio Stefani selects the best cheese, guided by his passion and his careful principles.
Cheeses are made with ancient ripening methods, developing real artworks of taste.

  • Asiago Fresco

    Fresh, enthralling but dainty taste, with yogurt and butter scent, Asiago Fresco will leave you the taste of fresh milk. It is the one chosen by Lucio Stefani, the one that comes only from the Veneto mountains, just around Venice.

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  • Asiago Aged

    With strong consistency, intense and lightly spicy flavor, Asiago Aged reveals pleasant dried fruit’s and butter’s aromatic hints. The one marked by Lucio Stefani is one of the most appreciated cheese throughout Italy. It comes only from the mountainous areas of Veneto, land which saw Venice radiance.

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  • Grana Padano

    All around the world there are brands which are synonymous of Italian flavor and authenticity. Grana Padano is one of them. It is a cheese with a solid and a bit granular texture, with a fragrant but dainty taste. It is recommended in flakes for aperitifs, grated on first courses and as complement for fresh appetizers.

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  • Parmigiano Reggiano

    It has been considered the king of cheeses for nine centuries. It is produced without any additives. Rich in proteins, vitamins and calcium, with an extraordinary and amazing flavor, unique in its texture, it excels in each occasion.

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  • La Gondola

    This cheese with its sweet and savory taste was born thanks to a milk rich in flavors and aromas, which you can only find in the Veneto mountains, because of the particular variety of the local vegetation. The Gondola from Lucio Stefani’s selection, with its soft texture and intense scent, is suitable to be used in a great number of recipes.

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  • Venetus Fresco

    Venetus as Veneto, the Venice Region, land rich in scents and flavors. Venetus Fresco selected by Lucio Stefani was born here. It melts in your mouth at the first taste and it gives a soft and delicate milk flavor. Perfect for each course, it is able to enhance each flavor, since it is unique.

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  • Venetus Aged

    Its strong and persistent flavor, with pleasantly savory accents, make it very special. From Veneto, land of Venice, Venetus Stagionato selected by Lucio Stefani has its own strong personality. It is a cheese to be savored slowly.

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Wines signed Lucio Stefani

You can tell about Venice and Veneto in thousands of ways, trough history, art or a glass of wine. Veneto has always been speaking the universal language of the world most famous drink. Veneto is where Lucio Stefani sorts out the most enthralling wines, which give you special moments with the italian magic touch, making every course unique.

  • Rivole

    Ripe fruits aroma, fresh, dense but not heavy flavor. Rivole marked by Lucio Stefani, was born on the hills of Veneto, a few kilometers far from Venice. It is a white wine with a unique character. It is recommended for aperitifs and to be served with appetizers, fish dishes and vegetables risotto

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  • Suam

    Once tasted you will never forget it. Intense scent and flavor with spices and fruit hints. Rich, full bodied and complex taste. It is a red wine revealing the vigorous and keen character of the Venetians producing it. Suitable for char-grilled meats, skewers and tasty cheese.

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  • Perlena

    A glass of sparkling wine is synonymous of elegance and joy. Perlena marked by Lucio Stefani is even more. Fine aroma with almonds hints gives you a pleasant sensation of freshness. It is perfect as aperitif and for fish courses

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Cold Cuts signed Lucio Stefani

  • Prosciutto di Parma in osso

    One of the most representative products of the “Made in Italy”, the most appreciated and well known. It is produced only with Italian pork and salt. It is healthy, genuine, tasty and completely natural.

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  • Prosciutto di Parma disossato

    One of the most representative products of the “Made in Italy”, the most appreciated and well known. It is produced only with Italian pork and salt. It is healthy, genuine, tasty and completely natural.

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Jams signed Lucio Stefani

The flavors and the Italian culture in a fine selection of fruit specialties.

Lucio Stefani chooses the freshness of the best products to bring to the table the sun and the sweetness of his land.
Great to enjoy by themselves.
Sublime with other local dishes.
An experience to be experienced.

  • Pear Sauce

    The pear sauce is a delicious pear compote which gently melts in the intensity of jam. A savoury and appetizing taste, with sweet and spicy notes. For the palate, a clean and genuine taste which makes it absolutely irresistible paired with any dish made with cheese.

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  • Mostarda di Vicenza

    A marriage of tastes and pleasant winces: Mostarda di Vicenza stimulates the taste buds with an acrid and slightly pungent thrill, giving the palate the sweetness of the quince. Its woody compactness and its slighlty sour note makes it the perfect protagonist in dishes made with meat and fresh cheese.

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  • Apricot Compote

    The pleasing compactness of the jam leads the taste of the sun and the fresh air. An unusual and slightly contrasting experience for you papillas: a little sour apple juice and the full flavor of apricot. It's a warm and enchanting bond, perfect for savoury and spicy dishes.

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Food Combos signed Lucio Stefani

Italian cuisine has always told the romantic and determined face of our people, the strong connection with the tradition and its creative genius. An identity that is reflected in today's combinations, sweet and intense, gentle and pungent: the alchemy of cheese, wine and jams, sincere emotions for the palate.

  • Asiago Fresco and Mostarda di Vicenza

    The scent of butter and fresh yoghurt balance the strong appeal of mustard, releasing a mixture of freshness and warmth that will definitely overwhelm you. Great to taste with a glass of Rivole served at a rigorously cold temperature.

  • Aged Asiago and jam (aged 4-6 months)

    The rich and pungent scent of Mezzano reminds of the smells of boiled chestnuts and dried fruit. The intense but balanced taste creates an enveloping alchemy with fresh jam, raising in a union of delicious originality. The perfect wine to match is Rivole, firm and fine white wine.

  • Aged Asiago and jam (aged over 10 months)

    The fragrant and savory taste of Asiago Vecchio is enhanced in the heart of the jam, which gently dissolves its spicy and sharp tones. An embrace of compactness and contrasting notes harmoniously glides from the palate into the heart, giving to those who taste it a genuine goodness. The perfect wine to match with this delightful union is a full-bodied Suam, known to arouse in those who sample it a pleasant feeling to the taste buds.